Long Tall Sally meets Batman, Takes him by the hand and says “tell me man”

I need a partner for the dance tonight, the caped crusader looks real uptight

Sally says to Batman “well a bless my soul, ain’t no one ever taught you how to Rock’n’Roll

Take off your mask and put your crepe shoes on, fell the beat and let’s get real gone”

BATMAN……….swing that cat just as wild as you can


Robin was a looking on real confused, feeling like his buddy was being abused

He stepped up to Sally holding out his his hand and said “Batman take a break cos I’m your man”

Batman said “now listen here son, I ain’t never had me so much fun

I’ve faced the knife and I’ve faced the gun, but this Rock’n’Roll music’s got me on the run”



Robin and the joker was doing the Bop, C.C. was looking like he’s gonna drop

Batman called to Robin said “quick get here son, this Catwoman’s got me on the run”


(words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddiadau Mwldan)