Bottle Of Wasted Time

Get a little harder, turn another page,

Chase away the water, fly off in a rage

Give a little peace sign, catch another cold,

Put it back together before you get too old


Make your lady happy, play a little cool,

Keep a little back boy so you don’t make like a fool

Find yourself a safe house, you know its not a crime,

Take a step to heaven and drink a bottle of wasted time


Lay back, relax, until you’ve heard all of the facts

Then shout, break out, before you reach your last act

You’re hot, you’ve got, life pinned down in your mind

Aim high, top shelf, for that bottle of wasted time


Make a lady….


Stand up, stand tall, you’ve got to answer the call

Don’t sweat it, but you get it, but you can’t have it all

You need to believe, your bells gonna chime

Don’t frown, lay down, and drink a bottle of wasted time

(Words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddaiadau Mwldan)