Crash Land

Working too hard on a 7/7, another 14 hour shift no sign of heaven

Seems like the time to take a holiday, checked the bank account it’s red again

Checking out the change in the biscuit tin, £2 flight is looking mighty thin


Press that switch and go online, gonna check my mailbox one more time

Something’s creeping into view, another red letter “hi” come a chasin’ you

Checkin’ out the specials with the booze all in, bottom of the page that’s where I’m gonna begin


Scroll up, scroll down, nothing doing


Sun, sea and sand’s what I need now, it’s a nice idea but I don’t know how

Solve this dilemma when I’m on a roll, I end up hiking to the North Pole

Grab my guitar and clean underpants, looks like I’m busking all the way down to the South of France


Got on the ferry and I started to wail, I was singing for my supper in a force ten gale

Rockin and a rollin all the way to Spain, eating my lunch again and again

Brighten up the show with a Technicolor yawn, ten miles on I was wishing I’d never been born


Rise up, fall down, keep your supper down


48 hours and I’m on dry land, I booked a nice hotel with a beach full of sand

One star room on the 52nd floor, ten kids screaming in the room next door

Five minutes on the bed I was starting to wheeze, seems they double booked me with a

Starving party of fleas


Went down by the pool to do some lounging around,

I was checking out the talent in some shades I found

In the midday sun I took a power nap, woke up a negative panda in a flame grilled flap

Wishing I was home with the NHS, beam me up Scotty, think I’ve done this holiday to death

One time, head out, head up, ride on

Mount up, ride out, ride in, I gotta get on home

Find a chick, find a doctor, get laid, get laid. Get laid, get laid, get laid……

(Words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddiadau Mwldan)