High School Reject

Head screwed on, so you think, drink picking up your mood, crude substances beg to be abused, tres consumed, confused, a pretty high achiever takes flight down a corridor cos she ain’t got no room for a high school reject

Take more flak from the pack, crack running through your veins, mains wired, 10,000v attack, and you slide inside, take you for the ride of your life, if you can only get that monkey off the back of the high school reject.

Last year’s bitch proved an itch scratched deeper than the whole Grand Canyon, you’re so mashed but you don’t care. The terminal G spot hunting left you open to a colourful kicking from the front door to the back n’ you got nowhere to go.

DM’s on with a clash song burning in your head, seeing red and wishing you was dead, but the knot you’ve got like forty miles of barbed-wire wrapped around your guts, so creative with the shots is a high school reject.


Pack more punch, take a lunch break, fake another mile, shit sticking to ya, you ain’t been clean in a while, no style, plagued by the cool you hate ‘m but you’ll always make ‘m smile at the high school reject, you’re a low down arse wipe of a shit kicker, you ain’t never gonna beat through the shine on their shoes, get outta here and get some serious partying on or just get back to school. You think you’ve got what it breaks…..

(words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddiadau Mwldan)