I’ll See You In Hell

You’ve been strutting around in them fancy clothes, how you can sleep Lord only knows

Hiding behind those rules and laws, thinking that you’re better than thieves and whores

Well the only difference between me and you is that I gotta pay for the bad I do

You might have an innocent face, but we’ll both end up in the same old place


I’ll see you in Hell boy………


You’re robbing the poor just to feed your vice, stepping on the weak boy and that ain’t nice

Acting as if you own the place, well it’ll all come back to slap you right in the face

Time to take a long hard look at yourself, stepping on the poor just to feed your wealth

Pretending that you’re something you ain’t, well you’re just like me and I ain’t no saint


I’ll see you in Hell boy………


Well the clock is ticking and it won’t be long, Time to realise what you’re doing is wrong

When that reaper is making his rounds, you better get ready cos he’s taking you down

He’ll wrap you irons, clap you in chains, rats and the crows gonna peck at your brains

You’ll cry and you’ll scream and yell, there ain’t no escape from the fires of Hell


I’ll see you in Hell boy…….


(It’s the price you pay, on judgement day)

(words and music by Rob ‘Livestock’ Davies