Love Lies Lost

Spent a long time sitting on the side line

Dreaming ‘bout the past and putting pay to all the fines

I took a long hard look at myself,

Picked up my guitar and brushed myself down from the shelf

I said love lies lost, love lies lost at the bottom of your soul


Struck a chord first, then wrote a half a word

Then it all seemed to flow though it seemed a little absurd

I slapped the hard, vibrated round the yard

I played a four bar drum beat, turned out the trump card

Love lies………..


Didn’t understand what it means to be lost in what comes naturally

Whatever you’ve lost, whatever the cost, up the stakes, take the breaks time to wake up when you feel that your love lies lost, love lies cold, love lies lost at the bottom of your soul


Spent a long time looking at the shelf,

Wondering what the hell I was doing to myself

I made a crank call to something from the past

Put down my guitar and sat myself back on the shelf

Love lies…………..

(Words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddiadau Mwldan)