Died Jogging

Drowned a lotta booze, stroked a lotta pills

Never spent a day in bed cos I was feeling ill

‘Til I made forty, quit behaving naughty

Tried a pair of sneakers on and made out I was sporty


Lived out in the cold, refusing to be told

Better change your lifestyle if you’re planning to grow old

Along came a daughter, a wife and son in halter

Made me think twice about not doing what I oughta


I’d never had to sway from my eighty fags a day

Mars and chips for breakfast, swiggin’ Meister while I played

Never outa breath, never got a stitch


I drank whiskey and smoked

H2O was a joke to me

Then family planning

Gave me the chance to be free

(Words and music by Doc. ©HSM)