Look Don’t Touch

She had red ruby lips and long black hair

Tattooed on her forehead were the words ‘I don’t care’

She was leaning on the jukebox chewing bricks

She was looking real mean

So I pulled on my invisibility cloak, you know

The one like Mr Potter wears

When he’s trying to avoid the monsters and things

I thought she hadn’t noticed

Then a smile said you’ve been seen


Well, she drove right in

She put her hands down in places should never have been

It took five days to get the message across

I said “girl………look, don’t touch”


She was slow. She was so slow the lights went out when she entered the room

I got a little terrified and started shakin’, I started shakin’ like a leaf on a tree

Well she pinned me down and started with my coat and then my shirt and then…

You know how it goes

Yeah, it was lookin’ like she’d got the better of me


Then she drove it in

She stuck her tongue in my ear and out the other end

She had pinned me down by my crutch

As I said “listen girl, I said look, don’t touch”

No use, no use, she had the grip of King Kong and the face to match

I was tuggin’, she was huggin’

And it seemed like she could do with me just what she pleased

Well I knew there was no way out, I was done for, it was over and out

I went weak at the knees, “won’t somebody shoot me, please”


And now I’m ever so happily settled down, so I’m told

Though my little ladies attentions seem to have grown a tad cold

But you know as well as I do that a good thing can get too much

So listen up baby, what I say is “look, don’t touch”

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby I said “look, but don’t touch”

I’ll just say this one more time “baby, you can look, look but don’t touch”

(Words and music by Doc. ©HSM)