Mrs Mopps Sexual Holiday

Gonna tell you a story ‘bout a woman I know

She’s no ordinary lover, that’s so

Blues eyes, blonde hair set in a quaff

She plays it keen to a rockability riff


Straight to bed, no playing dead, 400% alive

No second gear with this one here, she’s straight to overdrive

She’s wild


Watch out if she comes to call

She’ll tie you up from spring to fall

Every flight’s a new mile high

Can’t be satisfied so don’t even try


Make you stand up straight and then she’ll bring you to your

Mops you up then wipes you out as she gives you one last squeeze

She’s wild…….Wild!

If you ain’t got the staying power you’d better move your ass

Cos Mrs Mop’s on a sexual holiday and you gotta take cover fast

She’s wild…….Wild!


Now don’t go makin’ my mistake

If you start her up she won’t take no break

Baby, baby, baby got class

If you don’t want trouble just let her pass


It’s whips and chains for breakfast when she gets you in her sights

She’ll tie your hands and bind your so you can’t put up a fight

She’s wild……Wild!

So get in line, the first is mine, but if you think that you can’t last

Mrs Mop’s on a sexual holiday so you’d better take cover fast

She’s wild……Wild!

(Words and Music by Doc. ©HSM)