Well baby, what you doin’ to me, Paranoia’s jailer, won’t set me free

Hey mama, say can’t you see, got me upside down, you done shook my tree


Rollin’ shit the way you do is hard for me to take

Please believe me when I say, no more I can take


Told me that you’d never ever leave me, told me love was just a cruel disguise

I believe you baby but you’ve got me, beatin’ on a million guys

Told me it was winter it was summer, told me it was black but it was white

I believe you baby but you’ve got me, watching that look in your eyes


Hey baby, I’m here for free, million dollar payroll’s not for me

Hey mama, wind your neck in, Paranoias’ jailer won’t let me be

(words and music by Doc. © Cyhoeddiadau Mwldan)